Monday, 23 December 2013


I know this blog is purely for Attack on Titan (shingeki no kyongin) but lets get off topic, lets talk about this game I found, called dscraft. Not many know this but I was a die hard gamer for mine craft 2 years ago, I loved playing it everyday of my life, but now it is Aottg. It sounds kinda weird that a 18 year old guy is talking about a ds game but I am sorta like a computer geek, I know html, java script and other coding stuff, including reverse engineering of games and consoles. lets just say that when I was a kid, I had my ds with me at all times, so uh yea, my heart somewhat lingers on that stuff, (cheesy shit right?) I heard about dscraft when I was watching stuff on youtube and when suddenly, a advertisement came up and it was a still picture of a game, called dscraft. You can learn mroe at the official game site:

Smealum, the dude who made the game was working on this game a few years back apparently,

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